1.0 Ton Order Picking Truck Medium Level Order Picker


Distinguishing mark
1.one Maker     EP EP
one.2 Model designation     JX2-four(3200) JX2-4(3600)
1.3 Travel unit     CZPT CZPT
one.four Operator kind     standing standing
1.5 rated capability Q kg one thousand 1000
1.6 Load center distance c mm 600 600
1.8 Load length,centre of travel axle to  fork x mm one hundred fifteen a hundred and fifteen
1.9 Wheelbase y mm 1365 1365
Excess weight
2.one Services excess weight (include battery)   kg 1900 1965
two.2 Axle loading, laden driving aspect/loading  side   kg 730/2170 760/2205
two.three Axle loading, unladen  driving facet/loading  side   kg 1170/730 1200/765
three.1 Tyre type, Driving wheels/Loading wheels     PU/Rubber PU/Rubber
3.two Tyre measurement,  driving wheels(Diameter×Width)   mm Φ260×105 Φ260×105
three.three Tyre measurement,  loading wheels(Diameter×Width)   mm Φ165×120 Φ165×120
three.five Wheels, variety driving,caster/loading (x=push wheels)   mm 1x,two/two 1x,2/2
three.6 Keep track of width, front,driving  side b10 mm 570 570
three.seven Track width,rear,loading facet b11 mm 770 770
four.2 Height, mast lowered h1 mm 2170 2360
four.four Carry top) h3 mm 3137 3597
4.5 Height, mast extended) h4 mm 5410 5975
four.7 Height of overhead guard (cabin) h6 mm 2270 2270
4.8 Seat  height/standing top) h7 mm 220 220
4.fourteen Stand peak, elevated h12 mm 3360 3815
four.15 Reduced top h13 mm sixty three sixty three
4.19 All round length l1 mm 2750 2750
4.20 Length to encounter of forks l2 mm 1680 1680
4.21 Total width b1/ b2 mm 860 860
4.22 Fork proportions s/ e/ l mm 40/one hundred/1070 forty/100/1070
4.twenty five Outdoors width of the forks b5 mm 540 540
four.26 Fork  lift height h3+h13 mm 3200 3600
4.27 width of  pallet clamp N mm 25-150 twenty five-a hundred and fifty
four.32 Ground clearance, centre of wheelbase m2 mm 50 fifty
4.34.one Aisle width for pallets one thousand × 1200  crossways Ast mm 3100 3100
four.34.two Aisle width for pallets 800 × 1200  lengthways Ast mm 3150 3150
four.35 Turning radius Wa mm 1600 1600
Performance  data


Journey velocity, laden/unladen(h12:-610)   km/ h 8 8
Travel pace, laden/unladen(h12:610-1940)   km/ h 3.seven 3.7
Journey pace, laden/unladen(h12:1940-2600)   km/ h 2.one 2.1
Vacation pace, laden/unladen(h12:2600-MAX)   km/ h .8 .eight


Journey speed, laden/unladen backwards(h12:-610)   km/ h eight eight
Vacation speed, laden/unladen backwards(h12:610-1940)   km/ h three.seven three.7
Travel pace, laden/unladen backwards(h12:1940-2600)   km/ h two.one two.1
Vacation velocity, laden/unladen backwards(h12:2600-MAX)   km/ h .eight .8
5.two Lifting pace, laden/ unladen   m/ s .13/.sixteen .13/.16
5.three Reducing pace, laden/ unladen)   m/ s .sixteen/.18 .sixteen/.eighteen
5.eighty Max. gradeability, laden/unladen   % / /
5.10 Services brake sort     Electromagnetic Electromagnetic
six.one Generate motor rating S2 sixty  min   kW 4 four
6.2 Lift motor rating at S3 15%   kW 3 3
6.three The highest allowed size  battery   mm 740*275*630 740*275*630
six.4 Battery voltage/nominal potential  K5   V/ Ah 24/360 24/360
six.5 Battery bodyweight   kg 330 330
Addition information
eight.1 Kind of generate unit     AC AC
ten.five Steering variety     CZPT CZPT
10.7 Sound pressure level at the driver’s  ear   dB (A) 70 70

1.0 Ton Order Picking Truck Medium Level Order Picker