12V 2.2kw 9t Auto Starter for Nissan Td27 S13-107 2330002n00

name 12V two.2KW 9T Auto CZPTter Motor for Nissan Terrano Ford Maverick S13106 S13-107 2-2235-Hi 233571T01 23300-3T700 TD27
Voltage (V) 12
Kilowatt (kW) 2.
Tooth nine
Rotation CW
Observe two Nissan Terrano
Notice 3 Ford Maverick
Observe 4 BLACK Taxi
Content: 100% Copper, Electronic
Specification: SGS INTERTEK
Trademark: RQNRQN
HS Code: 85114099
Transport Package deal: Carton Pallet
Origin: China
Warranty 12 Months

OEM No.:

BL 014979
Bosch 0986016031, 0986016740
Cargo 11571
Delco 17610Q1571
Hitachi S13107, S13107A, S13127, S13127C, S13327
Lucas LRS00727, LRS727
Mando TM000A19401
Mazda B330M10T02EX
Messmer 220003
Motorherz STH571RB, STH571WA, STH9517WA
Nissan 2330002N00, 233571T01, 233571T02, 2330043G01, 2330065N00, 233006T00A, 2330080G00, 2330080G01, 2330080GR0EX, 23300G2403, 23300G2404, 23300G2405, 23300G2406, B330M10T02EX
Unipoint STR6008, STR6008A
Valeo 438141, 458161, 600263, TM000A19401
WAI 2-3227-2W


Make Product Type 12 months Info
FORD MAVERICK 2.seven TD 1993 – 1996 2663cc, 4cyl, 100HP
FORD MAVERICK two.7 TD 1996 – 1998 2664cc, 4cyl, 125HP
LTI TX two.seven TD 1997 – 2663cc, 4cyl, 82HP
NISSAN CABSTAR two 1986 – 1992 1952cc, 87HP
NISSAN CABSTAR 2.three D 1987 – 1989 2289cc, 4cyl, 69HP
NISSAN CABSTAR 2.5 D 1989 – 1992 2494cc, 4cyl, 75HP
NISSAN CABSTAR two.five D 1992 – 2000 2494cc, 4cyl, 75HP
NISSAN CABSTAR ninety.32 1998 – 2006 2663cc, 90HP
NISSAN NAVARA 2.5 D 4×4 1986 – 2008 2494cc, 4cyl, 80HP
NISSAN NAVARA two.five D 4×4 2001 – 2488cc, 4cyl, 133HP
NISSAN PATHFINDER two.7 TD 4 wheel drive 1997 – 2004 2664cc, 4cyl, 131HP
NISSAN Pick 2.five D 1987 – 1998 2494cc, 4cyl, 75HP
NISSAN Pick 2.five D 1992 – 1998 2494cc, 4cyl, 83HP
NISSAN Choose two.5 D 1994 – 1996 2494cc, 4cyl, 80HP
NISSAN Choose two.five D 1998 – 2494cc, 4cyl, 83HP
NISSAN Choose 2.5 D 4wd 1983 – 1986 2488cc, 4cyl, 72HP
NISSAN Decide two.5 D 4 wheel drive 1985 – 1988 2488cc, 4cyl, 72HP
NISSAN Pick 2.five D 4wd 1986 – 1991 2494cc, 4cyl, 75HP
NISSAN Choose 2.five D Four wheel drive 1987 – 1998 2494cc, 4cyl, 80HP
NISSAN Select two.five D 4 wheel drive 1996 – 1998 2494cc, 4cyl, 83HP
NISSAN Decide 2.five D 4 wheel drive 1998 – 2494cc, 4cyl, 83HP
NISSAN Decide two.5 D Four wheel drive 2008 – 2488cc, 4cyl, 131HP
NISSAN Select two.5 TD 4 wheel drive 1998 – 2494cc, 4cyl, 103HP
NISSAN Select two.seven D 4 wheel drive 1987 – 1991 2663cc, 4cyl, 79HP
NISSAN Pick two.7 D Four wheel drive 1987 – 1998 2663cc, 4cyl, 99HP
NISSAN TERRANO 2.7 TD 4wd 1989 – 1996 2664cc, 4cyl, 99HP
NISSAN TERRANO two.seven TD Four wheel drive 1993 – 2002 2664cc, 4cyl, 101HP
NISSAN TERRANO two.seven TDi 4wd 1996 – 2664cc, 4cyl, 125HP
NISSAN TERRANO 2.7 TDi 4 wheel drive 1998 – 2664cc, 4cyl, 125HP
NISSAN TRADE three. D 1993 – 1998 2953cc, 4cyl, 86HP
NISSAN TRADE three. D 1994 – 1998 2953cc, 4cyl, 86HP
NISSAN TRADE three. D 1996 – 1998 2953cc, 4cyl, 106HP
NISSAN TRADE 3. TD 1998 – 2004 2953cc, 4cyl, 110HP
NISSAN TRADE 3. TDiC 1996 – 2001 2953cc, 4cyl, 106HP
NISSAN URVAN 2.three D 1988 – 1997 2289cc, 4cyl, 69HP
NISSAN URVAN 2.5 D 1988 – 1997 2494cc, 4cyl, 80HP
NISSAN URVAN 2.five D 1989 – 1996 2494cc, 4cyl, 80HP

Matches FOR
NISSAN Cabstar II 2.five D F22 1988-1992 2488ccm TD25/
NISSAN King Van 2.3 D E24 1987-1989 2289ccm TD23/
NISSAN King Van 2.5 D E24 1988- 1998 2488ccm TD25/
NISSAN Navara two.five Di D22 1998-2001 2494ccm TD25Ti/
NISSAN Terrano I two.seven TD WD21 1986-1993 2664ccm TD27
NISSAN Forklifts 1986-1996 2664ccm TD27

We also offer:

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MTZ CZPTter 9142780 Tractor
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Nippondenso CZPTter 18190 6bb1 for Isuzu
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two-2105-ND Nippondenso Osgr
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Osgr CZPTter M8t80071 for Mitsubishi
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Nippondenso CZPTter 571000-6060 for Kubota
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Kubota No.: 15611-63011, 15611-63012, 15611-63013
Motor No.: Mustang Skid Steer 442
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KOMATSU CZPTter 600-813-3631 12T
CZPT No.: 600-813-3631 605713632 605715711
Nikko No.: 5710003341 5710003340
Manufacturing facility No.: Qd2205
Product: 24V, seven.5kw, 12t Electronic
Engine: PC300 S6d125
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Nikko CZPTter 600-813-4422 for CZPT PC200-five (S6D95)
CZPT No.: 600-813-4422 600-813-1750 600-813-4450
Nikko No.: -23000-152 -23000-2080 -23000-2560
Factory No.: Qd 2203
Product: 24V, 5.5kw, 11t Electronic
Engine: PC200-5 (S6d95)
Used for: CZPT Nikko

Nikko CZPTter 600-813-4422 for CZPT PC200-five (S6D95)
CZPT No.: 600-813-4422 600-813-1750 600-813-4450
Nikko No.: -23000-152 -23000-2080 -23000-2560
Manufacturing unit No.: Qd 2203
Design: 24V, five.5kw, 11t Electronic
Motor: PC200-five (S6d95)
Used for: CZPT Nikko

Lucas M50 CZPTter Motor NSB520 (0001362067)
Bosch No.: 0001362067
Ford No.: 71yb11000AA D1nn11000A D4nn11000b
Iskra No.: eleven.130.579 11.130.624
Lester No.: 16606 16608 17071 17646 18264

Lucas No.: Lrs212 Nsb520 Lrs230 26137 26147 Lrs113
Mag. Marelli No.: 63227569 943252069
Design: 12V, 2.8kw, 10t Digital
Utilized for: Lucas Ford Tractor

Replace Perkins No.: 2873b056, 2873b071
Substitute Lucas No.: 26294, 26357, 26369, 27502, 27518, 27520, 27570
Change Marelli No.: 63227592
Lester No.: 17649
Exchange Jcb No.: 714-29300r
Lucas No.: Nsb524
Model: 12V, two.8kw, 10t Digital, Cw
Used for: Lucas Jcb, Perkins Ford

Lucas M50 CZPTter Motor NSB529(26274)
FIAT/Marelli No.: MSN199 Mt68s
Iskra No.: 11130509 Azj3144
Jcb No.: 71440005
Lucas No.: Lrs232 Nsb529 17649 26274 26323 26345
Perkins No.: 2873A031 2873b072 2873D001 2873D002
Valeo No.: D11e137 D11e154
Product: 12V, two.8kw, 10t Digital, Cw
Employed for: Lucas Massey Ferguson

CZPT CZPTter 600-813-1710 For NIKKO
CZPT No.: 600-813-1710
Nikko No.: 5710000120 5710000121
Factory No.: Qd1201
Product: 2.2kw/12V, 9-Tooth Cw, Electronic
Used for: CZPT Nikko

a hundred% NEW
Top quality Identification: ISO/TS16949
We can Engrave conference to your desire
Packing: Pallet
Minimal Buy: 1-100PCS
Shipping date is one-45 times right after confirming the buy.

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A:Auto inspection equipment and handbook testing with each other prior to packing.

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A:We typically accept T/T(thirty% deposit,the stability prior to delivery.)
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A:If you have good amount,we can make your brand.

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A:We offer free of charge samples for testing,you need to spend the sample and courier expense.

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A:The MOQ can be only 1 piece.

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A:Usually it takes 5-45 functioning days depends on products and amount.

Q:7.What is your warranty time of the items?
A:12 months

12V 2.2kw 9t Auto Starter for Nissan Td27 S13-107 2330002n00