3.5W 6.7W 9.4W DC Motor  for Toys

three.5W 6.7W 9.4W DC Motor (RS-395) for Toys


Voltage: 12VDC 24VDC
Enter Power: three.5W 6.7W 9.4W
Velocity: 2200R. P. M, 3000R. P. M, 3350R. P. M, 3750R. P. M, 4500R. P. M
Path of Rotation: CW, CCW
The motor can be assemble with the gearboxes: SG-545(Φ37mm), VF(sixty nine.9X76.2), MF(70X70mm),
RG-fifty(Φ50.8mm), TT(60X95mm), PG-36(Φ36mm)planetary, PG-45(Φ45mm) planetary box, GF(sixty nine.9X119.1mm), QF(seventy three.2X95.8mm), ZF(sixty three.5X90.2mm), RF(63.5X90.2mm), KF(sixty three.5X68.3mm), JF (fifty five.6X104.2mm)60X60mmgearedbox

Software: Broadly Used FOR ROBOTS, TOYS,AUCZPTTIC ACTUATORS,And many others…

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3.5W 6.7W 9.4W DC Motor  for Toys