AC Induction Three Phase Gear Motor

Technical specs

Box structure desigh
Large performance&comma reduced sounds
Excellent top quality&comma good performance
Function and utilization
YKK large voltage squirrel cage motor&lpar6KV 10KV&rpar
YKK sequence motor is our firm new items instand of the aged series JS JSQ&period of time They are Lighter weight&comma increased performance&comma more power-conserving&comma reduce sounds&comma smaller sized vibration&comma increased reliability&comma lengthier services daily life&comma and simpler mounting and servicing&interval

Ideal for ventilators&comma compressors&comma drinking water pumps&comma crushers&comma cutting machine equipment and transportation machineries&comma as nicely as other machineries&comma and act as a motive electricity equipment industrial and mining establishments these kinds of as mining&comma machinery&comma petroleum&comma and chemical industries as nicely as the electrical power plant&comma and many others&time period
The motors are of box-part development&comma the frame is welded into box-segment making use of metal plate&comma and consequently the fat of motors is mild and rigidity i very good&time period Two sides and prime of the frame are all provided with the windows&comma which&comma on the 1 hand&comma is handy to maintain and get are of motors&comma and&comma on the other hand&comma can mount different coolers on the best of body&comma thus being capable of deriving the motors with different approaches of cooling and diverse degrees of protection&time period

The motors has a laminated main which is initial compressed and secured ahead of it is fitted into the frame and then pressed into the machined frame&comma the motors have good insulating overall performance&comma higher mechanical power&comma larger humidity-resistance and longer services life&period of time

The squirrel cage rotors are of both cast aluminum development and copper bar construction&interval The rotors are made making use of advanced&relible solid-aluminum and welding method&comma and are effectively balanced&period of time As a result&comma the motors operate easily and reliably&time period

Rolling bearing or sleeve bearings are employed for the motors&comma relying on the electricity and velocity of motors&interval Degree of security is IP44 or IP54&time period The rolling bearing are presented with grease-filling and -diaining units CZPT shutdown&interval
The primary terminal box is positioned at the appropriate facet of the motor&comma and can also be positioned at the left side on user request&interval Interior and exterior of the terminal box all are provided with different earthing terminals

Motor Performance

Electrical power assortment&colon 160kw-10000kw
Body Measurement&colon 355-1000mm
Rated Voltage&colon 3KV 6KV 10KV
Speed&semi 3000rpm 1500rpm 1000rpm 750rpm 600rpm
Protection Class&colon IP44 IP54 IP55
Cooling variety&semi IC611 IC616
Ambient Temperature&colon -15° C~40° C
Altitude&colon Not exceed a thousand Meter
Rated Frequency&colon 50Hz&sol60Hz
Insulation Class&colon F
Temprature increase&colon B
Working Responsibility&colon S1&lparContinuous&rpar

Purchasing Informations

one&time period You should reveal the motor type&comma rated output&comma rated voltage&comma rated frequency&comma synchronous speed&comma Explosion proof Mark&comma mounting variety&comma rotation direction&lparview from the shaft extension side&rparUse of the atmosphere&lparindoor or exterior&rparIf the user havn’t position out the rotation and setting&comma normailly we think is CW roration and utilised indoor&period of time
two&interval When user have particular requirments&comma For case in point&colon Dispose the stator&comma bearing explosion evidence and bearing temperature sensors&comma space heater&comma Plateau use&comma specical frequency&comma mounting measurement change&comma particular output&comma the person should&comma order can be verify after signing the technical arrangement with engneering office&interval
three&interval The catalogue is only fpr reference&comma and there may possibly be variations&interval
4&time period This assortment of motor can also be made into Variable-Frequency motors&comma the variety of frequency of which is -100HZ&comma the output and general dimensions should be affirm separately&period of time

No&interval Squirrel cage motor Y YKK YKS Y2
Slip ring motor YR YRKK YRKS &sol
one Construction Box-type construction&comma made up of steel plates welded with each other Compact struction
2 Cooling method IC01 or &lparIC11&comma IC21&comma IC31&rpar IC611 or IC616 IC81W IC411
3 Natural ventilation&comma with top mounted protection cover With top mounted air-air cooler With top mounted air-water cooler
4 Protection type IP23 IP44 or IP54 IP44 or IP54 IP54
5 Insulation F
6 Mounting arrangement IMB3
7 Voltage CZPT 3kv&comma 3&period3kv&semi 6kv&comma 6&period6kv&semi 10kv&comma 11kv
8 Frequency CZPT 50HZ 60HZ 0-100HZ

AC Induction Three Phase Gear Motor