Eaton Hydraulic Motor 5433 Used for Concrete Mixer Truck

 EATON CZPT motor 5433 employed for concrete mixer truck
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Transit Mixer Eaton 3933 4633 5433 6433 7630 motor
CZPT Eaton concrete mixer truck motor 3933 4633 5433 6433 7630


Nominal Strain: 420 bar (6000 psi) and Peak Pressure 480 bar (7000 psi)
Displacement from 63.7 to 124,eight cm3/r (three,89 to seven,sixty two in3/r)
Eaton has the direct position in offering reputable and durable technique options for transit mixers-automobiles on which downtime can suggest catastrophe. Whether the truck is touring down a freeway or idling at a targeted traffic light, the drum should maintain a consistent rotation velocity. That is no problem when Eaton is on the within. Eaton pump and motor provide the large pressure and large stream required to preserve drums rotating.
Innovative cylinder barrel style – permits higher speed and stress.
Fixed clearance slipper maintain down – on Models 39 via sixty four allows procedure at high velocity and lowers friction. Model 76 is a ball information device.
Pistons – have long engagement with cylinder bore ensuing in minimal leakage.
CZPT servo management – offers reduced energy procedure with low handle force. Huge servo pistons hold swash plate position and give damping.
Large case drain ports – minimize circumstance back again force.
CZPT Data 
Table of values (theoretical values, CZPT effectiveness and tolerances values rounded)

Eaton HHD motor 3933 4633 5433 6433 7630
Displacement in3/rev 3.89 four.6 five.forty four six.44 seven.sixty two
cm3/rev 63,seven 75,three 89,1 105,five 124,8
Nominal Stress* psi 6000 6000 6000 6000 6000
(bar) (420) (420) (420) (420) (420)
Peak Pressure** psi 7000 7000 7000 7000 7000
(bar) (480) (480) (480) (480) (480)
Highest rpm @ 18° 4160 4160 3720 3720 2775
Shaft Pace rpm @ 10° 5380˜ 5380˜ 4810˜ 4810˜ 3425˜
Greatest lb-in 3511 4149 4916 5807 6911
Output Torque*** Nm 397 469 556 656 781

˜ These shaft speeds require highest charge strain reduction: 340 psi (23 bar) pump and 280 psi (19 bar) motor.
* Nominal Stress: Max delta technique force at which element fatigue does not happen (pump existence approximated by bearing life).
** Peak Force: Max procedure strain which is permissible for a brief period of time (t < 1 sec).
*** Greatest output torque is measured at 6000 psi (415 bar).
The motor employs the higher stress oil movement from the pump to create transmission output. The substantial stress oil will come to the motor via one of the high stress traces. It enters the motor, turns the output shaft, then returns to the pump. Eaton piston motors integrate a hot oil shuttle and reduced strain relief valve into the end protect. The shuttle valve and minimal stress relief valve immediate extra charge pump stream into the motor scenario. The shuttle valve is activated by high force and directs extra cost pump stream over the low pressure relief valve. This flushing motion enables the cost pump to supply clear, awesome oil to the closed loop circuit.


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Eaton Hydraulic Motor 5433 Used for Concrete Mixer Truck