F60fel-T-Efi 60HP 4-Stroke Efi Outboard Motor Compatible for YAMAHA



PARSUN 60HP EFI outboard motor is utmost effective, silent, gasoline-productive and trustworthy.  It is an excellent outboard for fishing boats.  Its single overhead camshaft (SOHC) and eight valves aim for highest power and performance.

New streamlining prime cowling
PARSUN 60HP outboard motor has a new cowling design with an optimized ingestion air drain program, which can very easily drain the h2o entering the best cowling throughout regular engine procedure.

Integral motor checking and warning technique
Several different sensors continually keep an eye on the engine’s crucial features.  They will deliver out unique signals to inform you in advance, such as Over-Rev Limiter, Above-Warmth Warning, CZPTt-in-Equipment Security, Reduced Oil Force Warning, and immediately lessen the engine electrical power to stop damage.

Multi-stage electronic fuel injection with ECM handle to supply the precise gas / air combination for ideal combustion and give easy managing
PARSUN four stroke 60HP EFI engine is managed by the ECM device, which makes certain the specific volume of air necessary for the best possible electricity and fuel performance.  The air enters every cylinder by means of personal lengthy ingestion manifold, supporting to offer air at the specific volume and timing for optimum density and energy.  The 4 electronic fuel injectors produce the specific amount of fuel to get the greatest ideal efficiency and economic system.

A number of specific handle sensors for EFI system to get the optimum motor performance
Crank Place Sensor
Throttle Situation Sensor
Intake Air Strain Sensor
Oil Strain Sensor
Cooling Drinking water Stress Sensor
Intake Air Temperature Sensor
Cooling Water Temperature Sensor

Fuel-water separator and fuel filter
F60 outboard motor is outfitted with boat-mounted drinking water separating fuel filter, stopping any debris or drinking water in the fuel from obtaining into the engine.
Optimized motor emission
Blow-by-fuel re-burning program and labyrinth exhaust support to get the greater emission and lower sounds.  F60 outboard motor satisfies both CE and EPA Emission CZPTs.

Final corrosion security technique
Hugely anti-corrosive paint system offers a five-layer portray from corrosion. Stainless steel parts these kinds of as the drive shaft, propeller shaft and shifting shaft, supply the crucial corrosion protection.  Multiple sacrificial anodes through the motor give safety from the components.

Ultimate ease in procedure
one. Constructed-in freshwater flushing system gives easy schedule flushing.
2. Large output 18 amp alternator facilitates battery charging and fishing electronics.
three. Electrical power trim & tilt or hydraulic system tends to make the engine functioning far more very easily.
4. Magnetic drain plug for replacing oil simply.
5. Motor RPM meter, boat velocity meter, battery voltage meter and tilt & trim angle meter are CZPT at selection.
6. CZPT Delphi E.F.I. multifunction diagnostic scanner (CZPT at alternative).

Merchandise F60 EFI
Engine variety 4-stroke,4-cylinders,eight-valve,SOHC
Displacement 996cc
Bore x stroke mm(in.) sixty five.0×75.(two.56×2.95)
Idling motor velocity(rpm) 750 ~ 850
Complete throttle RPM assortment 5000 ~ 6000
Max output KW(HP)@ r/min 44.one(sixty)@5500
Gasoline induction system CZPT fuel injection
Ignition system Micro computer
CZPTting method CZPT (Flip-key)
Alternator output 12V DC / 18amp
Steering system Tiller handle / distant handle*
Gear shift Forward-Neutral-Reverse
Gear ratio 1.eighty five(24/13)
Trim and tilt technique CZPT elevator / Energy trim & tilt*
Shaft size 508mm (20 in.) 
Max gasoline usage 20 L/h
Gas tank potential 24L
Sump oil capacity 2.5L
Equipment oil capability 430cc
Dry weight 113kg~114.5kg*


F60fel-T-Efi 60HP 4-Stroke Efi Outboard Motor Compatible for YAMAHA