Integrated Drive AC DC Pm Motor

 Integrated travel  AC/DC  PM Motor 

Item Transient
E-MAX motor is the specific made everlasting magnet synchronous motor based on the IEC norm. E-MAX PMSM will be utilised for subsequent technology which require more strength saving solution. Exceed IE4 variable speed AC motor (IEC60034-30-2-2016).

E-MAX motor is the initial generation of DBS EC motor. E-MAX has led to build the up coming generation of technology in motor efficiency and overall performance.
E-MAX motor contain two sequence:
E-Max business
IEC Frame seventy one to 90 everlasting magnet synchronous motor integrated push
IEC Frame seventy one to 132 long lasting magnet synchronous motor

E-Max Professional series (ECI collection)

Product Frame Rated Output Output Highest
measurement torque @1500rpm @3000rpm pace
  (Nm)** (kW) (kW) (rpm)
T71ECI01X36 71 1.two .2 .forty one 3600
T71ECI02X36 two.four .forty one .eighty two 3000
T71ECI03X18 three.2 .fifty five 1800
T90ECI03X36 ninety 3.2 .55 one.1 3600
T90ECI05X30 4.8 .75 1.5 3000
T90ECI07X18 7 1800

** The rated torque is primarily based on the motor cooling approach. The element torque remember to see data sheet.
E-Max Commercial Motor Travel Purpose
CW/CCW chooseCZPTt-end terminal0-10VDC velocity controlRS485 ModbusSpeed hand management by adjustable resistanceSpeed feedback

E-Max CZPT series (EC collection)

Model Body Rated Output Output Greatest
dimension torque @15000rpm @3000rpm speed
  (Nm)** (kW) (kW) (rpm)
T71EC01X36 seventy one one.two .2 .41 3600
T71EC02X36 2.4 .forty one .82 3600
T71EC03X36 3.2 .55 3000
T90EC03X36 ninety 3.two .fifty five 3600
T90EC05X36 4.eight .75 one.five 3600
T90EC07X36 seven 2.two 3600
T100EC10X36 one hundred 9.5 1.five three 3600
T100EC14X36 fourteen two.2 four 3600
T100EC19X30 3 five.5 3000
T132EC26X30 132 25.five 4 7.five 3000
T132EC35X30 35 five.5 11 3000
T132EC48X30 forty 7.5 fifteen 3000
T132EC59X30 58.nine nine.2 eighteen.five 3000
T132EC70X30 70 eleven 22 3000

** The rated torque is based on the motor cooling approach. The detail torque please see knowledge sheet.
Effectiveness class
E-MAX motor has extremely-substantial efficiency both at total load and light-weight load. The flat effectiveness curve can save more strength when the motor generate the enthusiast or pump in HVAC area.
Assess to IE4 motor effectiveness class E-MAX

E-Max Commercial collection

** Program effectiveness contain the motor and push effectiveness.

E-Max CZPT collection

** Effectiveness is only motor performance.

Product number nomenclature
T  90  EC  03  V  36  C2  B14  P  T1
1   2   3    4  5   6   7    8    9  ten

Placement Character Description
1 “T” Item system
2 “90” Body size: IEC ninety#
three “EC” EC: permanent magnet motor
ECI: everlasting magnet motor with built-in drvie
four “03” Rated torque
five “V” Cooling strategy:
G = CZPT needs, with supporter and admirer hood. IC411
V = Ventilation applications, CZPT enthusiast and fan hood.
6 “36” Greatest velocity: 3600 rpm
seven C2 Power line relationship strategy:
T1 = Terminal box on prime
T2 = Terminal box on NDE
C1 = No terminal box, electricity line from housing
C2 = No terminal box, electricity line from NDE
8 B14 Mounting method:
B3, B14, B5, B34, B35
9 P P = Slid rail
ten T1 Voltage code:
T1: three period 360-440 V
T2: three stage two hundred-240 V
S1: one section two hundred-240 V
S2: 1 phase one hundred fifteen V

VFD consideration
PMSM should drive by the VSD. The motor can not join to the normal AC electricity immediately. The VSD can be the business drive with vector handle or PM motor management method. VSD require to be established up the correct motor parameter (see under table). The element parameters can be uncover in the product knowledge sheet.

Power select consideration
       The electrical power and torque in over model list is the rated electrical power or torque when the motor has not any cooling strategy (IC410). If the motor cooled by the wheel or the load the motor electrical power can be more substantial. The element working assortment remember to see element model info sheet. Under chart is a sample to determine the energy at different cooling situation.


  1. Seasoned on the enthusiast, pump, compressor and movement software with everlasting magnet motor design
  2. Motor model building and simulation, functionality calculation, sound optimization
  3. Motor content databases: silicon steel, magnet, copper, aluminum
  4. High precision test equipment and instrument


Manufacturing and quality management

  1. Automated winding machine to get better consistency
  2. CZPTal check equipment
  3. Magnetic flux examining

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Integrated Drive AC DC Pm Motor