Wxqb Factory Direct Fire Booster Regulator Water Supply Equipment Pump

WXQB hearth booster regulator water source products is divided into qi and capsule type. As a full established of fire battling products to satisfy the automated fire all the technological specifications.(WXQBP is a gas-loaded force tank, WXQBM is a diaphragm-type strain tank)
By the stress tank, pump, management cabinet, manage devices, pipe fittings and other components, the pump by the motor and pump of two components. Fire booster sequence is the pump market with reference to the National Building CZPT Design Atlas 98S205 layout and manufacture of hearth particular booster regulator products.

Pump construction contains the pump human body, impeller, pump include, mechanical seals and other parts, pump and motor coaxial. Pump axial force by the impeller equilibrium ring to stability. Pump inlet and outlet in the identical horizontal axis, and the exact same diameter technical specs. The pump has a mounting foundation for easy set up and increased pump steadiness.

WXQ sequence of fireplace strain water supply equipment, in the control program uses a programmable manage technology, fire main pump timing soft-start off technological innovation, effectively guarantee the secure procedure of fireplace tools. Its qualities are as follows:
       1, can have twin power provide design and style, and can instantly change
       2, multi-perform programming control, fire principal pump timing soft start off inspection
       3, with the fire control heart pc networking
       4, can accept a assortment of fire signals, with hearth centre networking.
Booster pump seal with mechanical seal, with a sealed, leak-free of charge functions. Drinking water provide gear generally utilised to pressurize the stop of a fireplace-fighting pipe network.

Initial, a extended-term use of diaphragm can be inflated to avert drinking water pollution.

Second, the equipment occupies a tiny expenditure province, automated operation.

3rd, the fault security, fault instantly swap.        

one) In order to make sure that the hearth pump at stand-by time, hearth combating products to fulfill the crisis fireplace.

2) Mainly utilised for hearth safety h2o offer in petrochemical, all-natural gas, power plants, textile cotton, wharf, aviation, warehousing, substantial-rise properties and other industries.

three) foam fire extinguishing program can also be utilised for water vessels, offshore tankers and hearth ships and other occasions.

four) can be used for immediate extraction of municipal pipe network for water supply hearth combating h2o offer occasions.

five) can be employed for life, hearth a water source gear for the situation.

6) Can be used for fire water offer strain, fireplace inspection and other unique occasions.   

one) Gear for fire h2o offer technique factors:
a. Fireplace hydrant water offer fireplace booster regulator water supply tools
b. Automated sprinkler program hearth booster regulator h2o provide products
c. hydrants and computerized sprinkler program fireplace booster regulator water supply gear
two) products according to the set up area is divided into:
a. On the type of fireplace booster regulator h2o offer products
b. Under the established hearth sprinkler stress regulator h2o source tools
3) Tools in accordance to the stress tank set is divided into: a. Vertical tank fire booster regulator drinking water supply gear
b. horizontal tank fireplace booster regulator h2o provide equipment
c. Complement gasoline pressurized pressurized water offer tools
d. capsule hearth pressurized drinking water provide equipment   

                                                               Use details

1) The company of the force h2o tank shall keep the pressure vessel production license or registration, and shall have a audio quality management method and method.

2) Tools outsourcing areas should have a product certification and admission test ahead of use. Products, pressure tank, pump units, electrical elements and other factors, need to be tested before the assembly and use. The use of on-website assembly of gear, on-internet site inspection equipment overall performance.

three) ought to maintain the generation license issued by the appropriate departments.

4) The general structure of the tools, water pipelines, gasoline pipelines and electrical wiring structure should be realistic, must be remaining to set up and maintain room for easy operation.

five) The bought parts and supplies utilised in the gear shall be made of items that fulfill the nationwide expectations (sector expectations).

six) The structural specifications of the pump device:

a. Regulator pump should be equipment pump, its doing work ability ought to be the very same as the doing work pump.

b. Every single regulator pump must be established up a different suction pipe.

c. Pump h2o diversion must be utilized from the filling.

seven) The force tank h2o storage quantity of the fireplace hydrant water supply method is not much less than 300L the strain tank water storage volume of the automated sprinkler program is not significantly less than 150L the strain tank drinking water volume of the fireplace hydrant and automated sprinkler program is not considerably less than 450L

8) fire-preventing products at least with the major pump and sub-pump pressure pump two (1 with a geared up).
                                                         Set up factors

one) Stress booster for pressurized pressurized h2o offer equipment for fireplace manage, its quantity, strain, drinking water degree and operating force shall comply with countrywide standards and developing fire defense style demands.

2) Fire booster regulator h2o offer gear on the security valve, force gauge, and so on. ought to be installed in accordance with merchandise guidelines for use.

3) Fire booster regulator drinking water provide gear installation place, inlet pipe and outlet pipe path ought to meet up with the design and style specifications installation need to be presented about the passage of its inspection, its width should not be considerably less than .7m, fireplace strain drinking water source products to the top of the floor or floor The distance of not less than one.0m.

4) Gear to the scene to be devanned stock. Set up in place to be leveling, grouting. Pipeline connection and electrical manage wiring shall be managed drawings, verify right.

five) After the products is installed, the equipment need to be commissioned and commissioned. Which includes the commence-cease manage of the pump, every single valve swap, and gear cleansing, drinking water examination run.
                                                         Product CZPTs

“Functionality demands and examination approaches for mounted fireplace service drinking water provide tools – Element one: Hearth strain water offer gear” GA thirty.one-2002
                                                         Merchandise positive aspects

1) CZPTt-up method: The system has automatic, manual and extended-length hearth linkage 3 management techniques, the device can commence crisis hearth button to begin, but also by the fire heart distant start. Frequency counter with a fireplace start off and stop signal interface, the system acquired a fireplace sign, instantly enter the hearth h2o supply standing, a pump failure or circulation is not ample, the automatic frequency can shift one more pump. Hearth sign launch, instantly restored to normal hearth control position. In order to stop automatic frequency in case of failure, the system also has a handbook electrical power frequency start operate.

2) Regulating perform: When the inverter cabinet has no hearth sign in automatic method, the gear is in doing work point out of frequency conversion and voltage regulation, and the h2o strain restrict sign of the pipe community is collected by the strain gauge. When the h2o force in the pipe community drops to the decrease restrict of the regulation voltage, Procedure, to the fire hydrant network, when the pipe community force reaches the force restrict, the fireplace pump to end operating, this time by the force tank to pipe community recharge regulator.

three) Computerized pump modify operate: The fire major pump has the operate of cyclical rotation procedure, and the pump change time period is established by the frequency counter software, normally established to 24 several hours. If the unit detects a pump failure, instantly swap to another pump constant operation and alarm screen.

4) Automatic (manual) inspection function: Although the hearth pump pump is generally the normal procedure of the pump, but the regular inspection of the pump is nonetheless really needed to avert incidents induced by extended-term pump does not operate and “rusty.” Inspection cycle and inspection run time established by the system. If the inspection pump failure, the program can immediately alarm.

five) CZPT fire battling operate: due to fireplace or pipe community severe water leakage, in the absence of fireplace signal, the unit instantly enter the fireplace higher drinking water source, and alarm.

7) A selection of protection and fault alarm perform: The technique has off section, overload, ground, undervoltage protection and alarm functions.

8) Handle Interface: The method has a drinking water stage interface for h2o scarcity alarm indicator. In addition there is also joined with the fireplace center linkage, feedback interface, to achieve lengthy-distance automated commence and pump wellness suggestions. In accordance to the specifications can give common RS485 conversation interface, effortless to remote monitoring.

nine) Can be equipped with dual electrical power switching system, when the main energy fails, it can routinely switch backup power.

1, hearth operate strain decrease restrict: Hydrant system should not be significantly less than .15Mpa
Fireplace hydrants and computerized sprinkler system should not be considerably less than .15Mpa
Computerized sprinkler technique need to not be significantly less than .07Mpa
2, the powerful water quantity: Devoted system should not be less than .3m³
Mixed system must not be less than .45m ³

Wxqb Factory Direct Fire Booster Regulator Water Supply Equipment Pump